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The Sacco is open to everyone including civil servants, business community, farmers, institutions both private and public, churches ,microfinance groups etc

Business account whereby you join membership, accumulate savings, acquire loan and earn dividends at the end of the year.

Employed members only require atleast one deduction from the employer.and for Unemployed members One must save regularly for at least three months to qualify for a loan.

A member is supposed to remit a cheque in favour of NewFortis Sacco and at least one deduction from the employer. For the Unemployed one is given a loan upto 80% of the shares

It will take less than 30 minutes for the loan to be processed according to the capability of an individual, for business members it will depend on the nature of security offered, for instance in case of land valuation has to be done and also charging process hence it may take less than 10 working days.

The repayments commence immediately for all the Loans.All the loan Schedules are set to the last day of the month.

All the Loans are granted instantly.For normal loan/development a member normally gets and advance on Normal before getting the full amount within 3 working days.

Normal loans are maximum 3 Fosa loans are maximum of 6. Emergencies and advances there is no limit.

When the loan is cleared fully

The Sacco is licenced by SASRA the regulatory body of the deposit taking Saccos. Also the Sacco has invested heavily on its Co-banking systems and security firewalls and measures to safeguard the ICT infrastructure.

The member must give 60 days notice through writing whereby his/her deposits are refunded.

Preferential members get their dividends added back to the shares while Non preferential members their Dividends are credited to Fosa/Savings Account


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