Alternative Channels (SMS Banking / Fortis Cash)

Fortis Cash:

Going into a branch is now the exception. The rule is to transact and interact with us anytime via your mobile phone!

Now your financial management and growth can be at your convenience instead of being based around branch opening times.

  • Withdraw money from your Fosa account using your mobile phone.
  • Deposit money direct to your accounts from M-pesa via phone
  • Purchase Airtimes and Stima Tokens from your account
  • Get accounts and Loan balances.
  • Money, any time, anywhere.

What do I require to register as a user?

  • A FOSA Account
  • Your Original ID/Passport
  • Fill in the registration form for free
  • Be a registered M-Pesa user
  • You will then receive a secret one time PIN(OTP)
  • Change the PIN to your preferred one and there you GO.


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